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I am the SideChick and this is my Hustle. I wrote The SideChick Hustle Series, out of sheer frustration in my dealings with the opposite sex. This is my story, this is my life. I am not here to glorify being a SideChick, or even to Re-Brand it. This is the hand that I have been dealt. And I am playing to win.

Men, in general, married or not have played a game of emotional manipulation with women for far too long. And for far too long we women have allowed this. This bullshit competition that we all women are in, fighting for a pool of men that is getting smaller, and quite frankly more feminine. I personally have never had marriage or family as a goal in life, so I never dated in order to ultimately end up married. I am however big on loyalty and commitment.

I found that every adult is in a relationship of some degree with another adult. If you have just met someone you are interested in, are getting out of a relationship, or have been married for years. I have never met any adult who was not in some form emotionally tied to another adult. Past or present. I have had plenty of broken hearts meeting the right person at the wrong time. I have also found that most adults will not take the time to emotionally heal from a relationship before getting into another one. So being a single woman in this day and age, I am dating everyone’s trauma.

A lot of men, I have found on my dating journey, will look to replace their current situation, with a new situation before ending their relationship. A number of unhappy or happily married men still date as though they are single. Single men with live-in girlfriends still fuck bitches at work. So what is the problem if I keep the same energy?

Being a SideChick is the type of energy that I am applying to any and all situationships. And every relationship is a situationship. If I am calling myself a SideChick, you can definitely not expect main chick energy from me. Too many women are dating, giving “main” chick energy in hopes of becoming someone’s “main”. You may eventually end up someone’s wife. But your husband will eventually end up some SideChick’s man. I am not telling you anything you don’t know, he cheated the whole time y’all dated!

Since writing The SideChick Hustle, I have been faced with the faces of many devastated women. It does break my heart, which is why I kept writing. I am not in the business of breaking up homes or families. I never have, and that has never been my message. Situationships are not about you. Also, since writing The SideChick Hustle married men have approached me more aggressively. That is until they read the whole book and realize what they are in for in a situationship with me. I have gotten mixed reviews on my opinion about my life, but I guess that is what happens when you publish your business. In my life, having experiences and learning them has shown to be the most satisfying way for me to function. My experiences in my situationships have taught me how complicated love can be, and how beautiful honoring commitment is, even if it is out of fear or convenience. SideChick energy is selfish. The SideChick Hustle is real.

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