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               Are big dicks overrated?

Let me start off by stating that I love dick!!!  I love everything about it.  I love the way that it looks soft. I love the way that it feels hard.  I love when the dick is one solid color, and I also love when it is two-toned. I love a veiny dick, but I can’t get enough of a smooth one.  I love the way the skin feels on my tongue.  I love the way my pussy contracts, and gets wet with anticipation…. But as much as I love dick, I am OVER BIG DICKS!!!

What is Big?

If you are 8.5” and above, this conversation is about you…

If you are 6-8”, you are average…

If you are 4-5”, science will tell you that this is normal or average, I am here to tell you that you are small.

If you are smaller than 4” and you are an adult, you are possibly suffering from a chromosomal abnormality that should be diagnosed by someone who went to medical school, and not the woman who wrote The SideChick Hustle…

I love a big dick as much as the next girl, but if I am being honest they are extremely overrated.  Now if we are just speaking on dicks and not the arrogant narcissistic men attached to these cocks, I will still stand firm in stating that I have never met a big dick that wasn’t toxic.  I have never met a big dick that didn’t like taking pictures and videos and I have never met a big dick that wasn’t for the streets.  But even if I could get passed these shitty big dick personalities, I still have a qualm to pick about the skills set of these wangs.

I have a petite vagina, so my trying to take a big dick in the first place is just me being greedy.  But I would like to think that the average woman is little and cute in the vaginal area.  If you have a big pussy you probably can’t relate.

A big dick trying to beat the pussy up is a no-go.  I can’t even imagine that it feels good to you big dicks, to chase a pussy all over the bed.  Why are you trying to murder the pussy!!  It’s rude and disrespectful.  And since you missed the biggest body language clue, which was flight… I’ll let you in on a little secret, no one is running when it feels good. Calm down, damn!

Now let’s get into this stroke.  If you have 8” and above and you can fit all 8, or at least most of it, we want to feel an 8” stroke!!  No woman wants a 2” stroke you big lazy motherfucker.  No woman wants a 4” stroke!!!  I need you big dicks to get in the gym and get your core together.  Push-ups, sit-ups, and planks will not only give you extra strength and stamina, but they will also give you a quality stroke that will have us bragging about you to all of our girlfriends.

You catfishing big dicks need to be stopped!!!  How can a big dick catfish? Viagra, Cialis, or any of those other ED medications you can order over the Internet.  I am not shaming anyone for having ED.  I am also not telling you to make it anyone’s business that you have to take a pill to get it up.  But it is fucked up when you end up in a relationship with a big dick, and he all of the sudden is fucking you with a semi-hard dick all the time talking about he’s tired.  No sis, he ran out of pills fucking you and his other women, because these big dicks aren’t loyal.  Whether they are fully functional or not.

In my experience, even if the stroke was amazing, and he wasn’t lazy, nor was he trying to beat my pussy to death, the big dick wanted to fuck for 4 hours.  Listen, even with a normal-sized dick my vagina has a damn time limit, I have other things that I need to do today, I am not trying to fuck my day away.  I am definitely not going to let your big ass dick fuck me for hours and hours, I have places to walk after this!!  Not being able to walk or sit properly after sex are good problems, but you can still miss me with them hours.  

Before I go, I would like to take a step back and advocate for my smaller fellows, the 4-5 inchers.  I was pleasantly surprised by a dick that I was sure that I friend zoned.  This man was not my type, I am 5’5 and he was shorter than me.  I was uncomfortable being the big one in the relationship no matter how cute he was, so he was just my friend.  I thought that we were both comfortable in the friend zone, but apparently, he thought after enough dinners that he would work his way into something more romantic with me.  He didn’t grow any inches during those dinners so my mind had not changed during those dinners.  Well, one night he cried, telling me his frustrations and how much he liked me.  I laughed. It was mean, but the tears caught me off guard.  I planned on giving him some pity pussy that night and going on about my life, but that little man fucked my socks off that night.  I almost called the whole thing off when he got naked because even if I am being generous, he was jockey sized. He wasn’t a little person, just short and skinny.  Anyway, I guess he saw that I was about to bolt and he garnered all the BDE he had in him and put it on me.  After that, he was my boyfriend. But unfortunately, even little dicks are attached to assholes, they aren’t arrogant, they are more insecure.  But as this blog is only about dick size, I will get back to the topic.

I said all that to say, don’t dismiss a little dick, they can touch you in ways that a big dick could never.  It’s kind of ticklish and amazing.  However, if a little man doesn’t have his core together for that 4’ stroke, you may beat the shit out of him for wasting your time and having a little dick on top of that, so proceed with caution.

I have nothing to say about the average man, because who the fuck wants an average man in any capacity?  I am sure the 6 to 8 inchers will flood my comments with testimonials, but I am just going to have to take your word for it.

Ladies’ big dicks are not an anomaly, they are a dime a dozen.  However, don’t be stingy with the information.  Drop names and numbers in the comment section and let’s share!!! 

Do you think that big dicks are overrated?

What are your thoughts on the 4-5 inchers?

Sound off in the comments!!!!

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