Memoirs of a SideChick: The SideChick Hustle Vol. 2


The SideChick Hustle Vol. 1

Tired of all the judgment and guilt that come with being a side chick?

Dating a married man is seen as wrong and unnecessarily complicated when in reality it’s so simple. It all comes down to attraction, just like any other relationship. Married men get back into the dating pool and make themselves available, knowing full well exactly what they’re doing. So why do we Side Chicks have to burden ourselves with the ifs and buts?



Kaye’s story is a heartfelt sometimes hilarious tale of a single woman figuring out who she is in life unapologetically.

Read as Kaye savages through the streets of St. Louis, balancing being a boss, being a friend, and of course her situationships. This is a story of love and acceptance of one’s self.

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